A good bicycle is a well tuned machine.Matched not only to the terrain it’s expected to see, but fit and tailored to each individual rider.No two bikes should be exactly the same! Like any machine with moving parts,from time to time,a tune-up is needed to make sure your bicycle is working just as well as the day you bought it!



Golden Belt Bicycle recommends you have your bike inspected at least once per year, or after any accident.Safety is our number one concern,and you can rest assured that after your bike leaves our shop you’ll be ready to ride any place… any distance… with confidence.We can catch simple fixes before they become big expenses.


Bought your bike somewhere else? No problem! We can service any make,and any model,whether you bought it from us, a department store, or a garage sale.Our dream is to see every bike ready to ride and be enjoyed, no matter where it came from.