New Bicycles –Your bike can take you places your car just can’t go.In more ways that one! Maybe it’s a back country trail, or that little known path to that special place only a few know about. Or even if your destination doesn’t take you off the beaten path, your bike lets you enjoy the freedom and serenity of the journey. It’s a beauty some are “too busy” to ever enjoy.



Golden Belt Bicycle has a bike for everyone.Whether you’re a serious enthusiast,or an afternoon cruiser.Bikes for 3 year olds to 103 year olds! Come see the latest Trek models and all of the features they have to offer.

We hear all the time “What’s the difference between our bicycles and a department store bike?” Other than the fact they both have two wheels…there’s plenty of reasons why a bike from Golden Belt Bicycle is a better value! Start with the most important one of all… safety.Loose parts, brakes that don’t work,safety feature installed incorrectly… we’ve seen it all from the big box stores.Ever had to fiddle with gears that don’t shift right? A noisy rough riding bike? Stop thinking this is the norm!We don’t sell disposable bicycles!Our bicycles are professionally assembled and inspected,and the parts designs have been proven to be reliable over hundreds of thousands of miles of real world experience.Stop by our shop in Great Bend and you’ll see the difference right away.


Accessories – If you’re in need of biking apparel,we have a huge selection of helmets, jerseys, shoes, socks and more to express your personality! Kansas weather has it’s ups and downs,but don’t let a cold day keep you from enjoying your bicycle.We have the best selection of winter biking gear in the area.New designs are arriving constantly,so come see what we just got in!


Parts – If you are ready to take your bike to the next level,we can handle upgrades to your bike.You’ll get quality parts and installation.We’ll make the proper adjustments so when your bike is ready to pick up, you’ll instantly be able to feel the extra performance… on your ride home!


Biking is our passion!Stop by and we’d love to hear how you use your bike,and we’ll find the one that will keep you grinning from ear to ear for years to come!