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Our Mission


At Golden Belt Bicycle,our mission is to get people motivated to become bicycle enthusiastic! We help the process by being here for all of your cycling needs.Whether it’s your first road or trail bike or you have years of riding experience and need a new gearset, tune-up or just some advice, we want to be the shop you turn to first to get to your next goal! We want you to ride!


Our Staff


Neil F. I am a lifelong resident of Central Kansas and a graduate of Great Bend High School and Baker School of Aeronautics.I, previously, have been employed in light aviation for the past 20 years and enjoyed my work in the industry very much.Although rewarding, the strain on me, physically, a long commute to work and sleep apnea left me in very poor health.After my diagnosis of sleep apnea and with proper treatment, I have again been able to enjoy my love of cycling.The trails built by the staff and customers of Golden Belt Bicycle have made my recovery very enjoyable.

The first time I set foot in Golden Belt Bicycle, I knew I wanted to be a part of it someday. When the opportunity presented itself,I jumped at the chance.I hope I am able to serve this outstanding bike community for the remainder of my working years.Thank you all!

The Owner’s Take: Hiring Neil was a no-brainer.He has such a breadth of knowledge in both engineering and mechanics and is a very gifted bicycle mechanic.When Todd came to me with the idea to hire Neil I could not find a single reason not to.He’s great with his mechanical abilities but also a very laid back and personable individual.I love to watch him interact with customers because he can explain things in a very easy to understand language.Neil, very simply, is a work horse.If you want something done, just feed him the information and the rest will be done.And it will be done right!

Claire S. Position: Janitor/errand runner/coffee brewer
Bike: Trek-Crockett
I was born in Central Kansas but have spent most of my life in the Denver area.I graduated from Great Bend High School in 2008.I’ve grown up in an active family; camping, traveling, and snowboarding on a weekly basis.I am fairly new to cycling and I couldn’t be more excited to have a new outdoor hobby right here in Kansas.CHEERS! Let’s ride some bikes!

The Owner’s Take:I first met Claire when she was a barista at one of the local coffee shops.Always friendly, almost always smiling and very clearly a hard worker, Claire was the first person I thought of when Todd and I discussed bringing in a third employee.As she notes, Claire had next to no experience in bikes and none in bike retail. But she has a passion to learn and a very mature work ethic.And, she already knew retail in general.Claire brings something to the shop that it has never had: A woman’s viewpoint. A much needed woman’s viewpoint.We are very happy to have Claire working at Golden Belt Bicycle Company and watching her grow in the business has been a genuine pleasure.


About the Owner My cycling life began soon after finishing my surgery residency and the desire to train for triathlons.Prior to this I had “ridden” bikes but didn’t have a lot of real knowledge about cycling.After years of triathlons, I became more of what one might term an “enthusiast”.I began to really enjoy long road rides.


When I purchased my first road bike (a Trek!) I didn’t know what I wanted or what I needed. I visited a bicycle retailer in the Kansas City area and was quickly overwhelmed.I was inundated with technical information and jargon that I didn’t understand then made to feel somewhat stupid for asking lots of questions.I left with a bike that I had ridden around a parking lot the size of a small New York City apartment.When I got it home,I decided to take it for a spin around my neighborhood.I didn’t know how to brake or shift.I nearly wrecked just trying to stop!


The point of my story is that I was a poorly informed consumer.I take the blame for a lot of this: it was an expensive bike and I should have asked more pointed questions.However, I also blame the bike shop.They didn’t help me size it,they didn’t tell me how to shift gears and they didn’t even offer “extras” such as a pump, spare tube or basic tools.


What I drive home to the employees is to not make the discovery process of bike buying a mystery or a lesson in intimidation.We want to know what you plan to do with your bike and a basic price range.If you want technical details, we can bring that too.If you just want a bike to ride around town and enjoy some nice weather and exercise, we excel at this as well.We want you to have a great shopping experience.We want you to ride.And we value you as a customer.